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- LAUNDRY / BROOM Cabinets

Custom sized flat pack Laundry / Broom cabinets are supplied pre-drilled and include a solid back, bottom, left & right ends (gables), a top rail plus all the Hardware required for assembly -including Hinges. They come in seven price classes based on Door Finish materials used (Laminate, Vinyl, Polyurethane Paint) in either Texture or GLOSS, and Unfinished (for self painting).  

The Door colour will be as selected in Step 5: Colours & Profiles.

The bottom shelf is pre-drilled to accept the included knock-in style plastic legs.
Pricing depends on cubic size, door cover/profile and number of shelves.

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Laundry/Broom cabinet
Broom-Laundry cabinet.gif

Laundry - Broom cabinet 2xDoor - 2150x600
Laundry - Broom cabinet 2xDoor - 2150x600

Height to 2350mm

Width to 1150mm

Depth in mm

Number of Shelves?


Shelf Depth

Broom Unit Side?

Internal Height Broom section

Internal Width Broom unit

Door Hang

Door Style - Material finish

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