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Flat Pack Kitchens & Cabinets: Check List

The best way to evaluate comparative costs for flat pack kitchen and storage cabinets is to look at the TOTAL cost of ordering, rather then just comparing the cost of a single cabinet.

But even so the following points should be considered:

1. Does the quoted flat pack kitchen cabinet prices include GST? Be careful, as some suppliers quote prices excluding GST!
All of Cabinets on-Demand prices are GST inclusive, so there are no hidden surprises!

2. How much is the delivery cost? This can make quite a difference when comparing costs between different Companies. The delivery cost is usually something that is only determined at the end of an order and not included in the cost of the flat pack kitchen cabinet. At Cabinets on Demand, we always endeavor to source the best price for you and we do not mark-up the quoted Freight costs. Moreover with currently nine different production outlets we can offer easy pick-up or local delivery of flat pack kitchen cabinets to the majority of our customers.

3. Do you have to pay extra for customizing sizes. How much extra will it cost you to have a 600mm flat pack cabinet cut down to 567mm? With our system you specify the size and we give you a discounted price to take into account the saving in materials cost. Not only that, but you do not get a "cut down" flat pack kitchen cabinet - with our system the cabinet is made to the right size the first time around -equaling a much better flat pack kitchen cabinet to start with.

4. Can you get custom sizes for Height and Depth as well as Width? Whilst some Companies will only cut the width, they will not cut the height and depth. Cabinets on Demand flat pack kitchen cabinets are fully 3 way customizable (Height, Width & Depth) - at no extra labour cost. You pay less for savings in dimensions and a bit more for exceeding "standard" sizes.

5. What about flat pack Corner cabinets? - Is there a full range available and can you specify your own custom dimensions? Very few Companies can do this or even want to, but again Cabinets on-Demand provides this service at no extra cost, as we realize that it is very important to offer this customizability in corner cabinets. With our fully automated design and integrated production system different sizes only affect material cost savings/increases.

6. Compare the "standard" size range. Almost all Flat Pack suppliers are still set to the "old" system of only 720mm high for their base cabinets. The problem with this is that most people now require a taller bench height (higher than 900mm over-all) and by using a 720mm high flat pack kitchen cabinet, this just makes the kick board area higher. The kick board area is just wasted space. With the Cabinet on-Demand system, our "standard height" is 750mm - at no extra charge and we can go much higher if you need to.

7. Similarly about the Depth - that in most cases can be as great as 700mm deep for Base (Floor) flat pack kitchen cabinets and up to 500mm or more deep for Wall flat pack kitchen cabinet. All at no extra costs in design and manufacturing - except small incremental charges for materials used - and all exclusively offered by Cabinets on Demand.

8. Are Drawer cabinets made to measure? With Cabinets on-Demand you can specify varying flat pack drawer front Heights and mix Pot Drawers with Cutlery Drawers should you need to. Not only that, but you can specify the Depths of the runners, if needed. Total flexibility with drawer configurations when using the Cabinets on-Demand system. Self-closing or soft-closing drawer systems can be ordered also as optional extras.

9. What about the flat pack kitchen Upper Cabinets back wall thickness? There are some suppliers that just have very thin backs, which does not make the cabinet easy to install. You should always insist on a solid 16mm back for greater strength, durability and easy fixing to wall. With Cabinets on-Demand a 16mm solid back comes as standard, not an extra.

10. Does your flat pack supplier offer only standard sizes? And whose standard? - some imported ones do not fit the standard sizes for dishwashers, exhaust fans or ovens that are commonly used in Australia. Check it out! Our cabinets are made to fit ANY size that you specify.

11 Is the carcass made according to the Australian standard for 16mm HMR (High Moisture Resistant) Particle board, or just plain 16mm Particle board, or worse still, is it an imported Particle board with probably a higher formaldehyde content that would not be allowed for manufacture in Australia? Some of those are not High Moisture Resistant either - and often the timber was obtained from illegal forestry operations. All the board that Cabinets on-Demand uses either meets or exceeds the Australian standard and we use only quality Australian board manufactures for our flat pack kitchen cabinets and surface finishes.

12. Can you specify the exact number of shelves you require, from 0 - 7 for selected cabinets? Is this easy and cost effective? With Cabinet on-Demand specifying shelves is simple and no problem at all. Not only that, but you can specify if you want these as Fixed or the Adjustable shelving and you are also asked to specify whether or not you want shelves to be "inset" for a better look.

13. If you do need Fillers for some of your flat pack cabinetry, can you specify Height, Width and Edging requirements for these?
With Cabinets on Demand you can!

14. Legs - does the cabinet price include the plastic Adjustable Legs, pre-drilled for easy installation. When you buy Cabinets on-Demand flat pack kitchen cabinets (excluding the carcase only option of course), you receive the Adjustable plastic legs, bases and kick board clips, pre-drilled for easy installation.

Also we offer Nickel plated legs that many customers prefer instead of using kick boards. Do other flat pack kitchen cabinet shops offer these?

15. Bench tops - when you order these can you also order the machining required for the joining of these tops? With all Cabinets on-Demand post form bench tops you can easily specify the joining requirements and they come complete with the joining hardware required.

16. Can you order the full range of Laminated Bench tops, or are you limited to just a few colors? With Cabinets on-Demand, you can not only order the colour of your choice, but you can also choose the finish you want.

17. Are the Flat Packs made in Australia and are the manufacturing jobs being kept in Australia? Flat Packs are now being imported cheaply from places like China, however Cabinets on Demand is a 100% Australian Company, manufacturing in Australia, by Australians for Australians.

18. Are there convenient Factory Outlets in your State for easy cost effective pick-up, or local delivery? Cabinets on-Demand has Outlets in Canberra, Melbourne (Kilsyth), the Sunshine Coast Qld (Noosaville), and some 75+ pick-up freight depots across the whole of Australia.

Flat Pack Cabinets - Check List
  Imported Product Local Offering Cabinets on-Demand on-Line
TOTAL Cost incl. Delivery, GST and less Discount      
Customizing to your Sizes at NO extra cost??    
Custom sizing for Height, Width AND Depth available as standard?    
Full range of Corner cabinets AND can these be to your custom size?    
Has the Company an informative Web site to assist with design and installation?    
Can Drawer Cabinets be fully customized to suit specific Drawer Front heights AND combinations?    
Does the board material conform to Australian Standards in Quality & Material?    
Do you have the option of Adjustable or Fixed Shelves - can they be inset too?    
Can you order additional Shelves if needed?    
Can you specify a range of Fillers?    
Are Adjustable Legs, Bases and Clips included?    
Can you have the Bench top joints machined AND is the joining Hardware included?    
Is there an extensive range of Benchtop colour choices?    
Is there a full range of cabinet types on offer?    
Can you specify extraordinary sizes outside the standard ranges?    
Is there a complete choice of colors available?    
Does the Hardware come from either Hettich or Blum or are they a cheap clone?    
Is the flat pack kitchen cabinet supplier 100% Australian?    
Are there an easy delivery options?    

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Last modified 17 March, 2017