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Cost Considerations

Last modified: 10 December, 2016

1. Consider Floor (Base) Cabinet Height & Depth

Standard Base (Floor) cabinets have these dimensions:

Height 720mm;
Depth (Width) 580mm;
Width (Length) 250 -1200mm

Correct benchtop height is important to provide a convenient working platform - the standard height is about 900mm made up as follows:
Cabinets Height 720mm, Legs/Kickboards 120 - 200mm (mostly 150mm) - Benchtop thickness 34mm for Laminate, 20 - 40mm for Stone.

Many people may prefer a higher height than the old measure of 900mm - somewhere between 920 and 950 is a more convenient working arrangement these days.
Getting this better working surface with a higher Kick board is unseemly and a waste of space - get a cabinet height of 750 - 800mm instead to suit your size - it only costs $3-$6 more depending on Width.

A few people need a lower height. Not many suppliers offer a different height for base cabinets and if they do, you pay a lot more, but here we reduce the cost depending on the material saved.

Cabinets on-Demand on-Line offers pre-determined pricing on-line for all cabinetry based on your preferred exact height up-to-2350mm mm, width and even depth - as specified by you. No other supplier is able to offer this.

The benchtop is a major cost item obtained from a few specialist producers and is priced in discrete width sizes, 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm.

Normally you like the benchtop to overlap the cabinet by 10- 25mm, 20mm being the norm.
Therefore a Cabinet Depth of 590mm or less (580 being the present "standard") gives you the most effective space at a reasonable cost.
But there are times when a greater depth is useful: For example Pantries and Wall Oven Units are often specified to 600mm to be flush with an adjoining benchtop - for Island Benches a size of up to 700mm may be useful, but be aware that Drawer cabinets have a maximum side/slide length of about 500mm.
Laundry, Garage and General storage cabinets can be made into any depth to fit your space.

2. Consider Cabinet Width

Normally the wider the cabinet, the lower the cost per content - two x 600mm wide cabinets could be 25% dearer than one 1200mm wide cabinet;
two x 400mm wide 4-Drawer cabinets may cost some 50% more than one 800mm Drawer.

3. Consider Wall Cabinet Height

Standard Upper (Wall) cabinets have the following dimension:

Height select from: 592, 720, 912mm;
Depth (inc Door thickness) = 320mm;
Width select from 300-1200mm in 50mm increments

But consider that these days the preferred construction is for cabinets to reach right up to the ceiling - so it is not practicable to stick to "standards".

Specify any height that suits you - if your supplier allows it.
Cabinets on-Demand on-Line accepts any height specification - up to 2350mm and at proportional cost based mainly on the cubic size of the cabinet.

Cabinets on-Demand on-Line is the only flat pack supplier offering cabinets with variable 3-D dimensions and pro-rata on-line pricing.

4 Bench tops.

Cabinets on-Demand on-Line at this stage only offers High Pressure Laminate benchtops, 34mm thick, from any laminate supplier/colour specified by you, cut to your specifications.
Please have a look at “ – Benchtops” and then click on and read the “Benchtop Ordering Guidelines”, to ensure you can advise us what post form front and back edge you want (Bullnose/D-round/Square – no difference in cost) as well as Left and Right End finishing needed (Unfinished/Square/Rolled/Banana – cost from $0-$80).
Benchtops also come as Standard, Gloss or Square form with difference in costs. Prices are in discrete 1000mm length and now up 610mm in normal Width sizes.
So we do need your guidance.

5 Corner cabinets

We have a nice range of corner cabinetry where you can specify different Left and Right Hand Width and Depth to suit your needs up to 1000mm in some cases, for both 90 and 135 degree angles, for floor based or wall cabinets. Please consider in your design as this is more convenient then ‘Blind’ cabinets.

6 Drawers

Drawers are around 50% greater in cost then the same size cupboards but also can provide 50% more usable space. Soft-closing slides can be used ($73 per drawer extra!).

7 Hinges

All hinges used are the German engineered precision hinges made by Hettich – we normally use their standard hardware but do offer ‘soft-closing’ hinges ($6.50 extra/hinge) and ‘push-to-open’ mechanisms ($25 per Door! But you do not need a handle).
For Upper (Wall cabinets) we can extend the Door by 20mm to serve as a grip (cost $15 per cabinet) instead of having a handle.

8 Kickboards and Fascia

Unless specified differently all our floor cabinets have adjustable plastic legs – either short ones 90 -135mm, or 110-165mm, that are covered by a Kickboards. As kickboards cover normally more than one cabinet they can be rather long and may compromise shipment and could be supplied in appropriate pieces.
Please consider the use of the ‘return’ Kickboards.– is that needed (a bit more fiddly in installation) or should an End-panel be extended to the floor?
By default we use a Kickboards. height of 150mm and provide them in extra long lengths suitable for onsite cutting to size, if needed.
Facia boards can also be supplied to cover the cabinet – ceiling space if ordered specifically, but we do not offer a range of Architraves to cover the final gap. Consider using a different colour for Kickboards, in Black or Stainless Steel for a nice contrast to light coloured Doors.

9. Material and Finish for Doors &: Exterior Panels < have a major effect on Kitchen costs.

Cabinets on-Demand on-Line's Products are supplied in eight price ranges - depending on Door, Drawer, End Panel finish as detailed in STEP 5 Colours & Profiles (Plain white melamine, Laminate, Vinyl Wrap (Texture or Gloss), 2-pk Polyurethane paint (Texture or Gloss) or Unfinished for self-painting) and within these depending on Height, Width and Depth - pricing dependant on your required measurements.

Height and Width have a major effect as they affect also the cost of the more expensive Doors and Drawer fronts, which are often bought-in from specialist suppliers; while the Depth of a cabinet only affects the small cost increase of the carcase material.

For Garage type storage cabinets you can select Carcass (plain white melamine) as a door finish, this is about 12% lower in cost then Laminate (coloured melamine).

A Coloured Laminate (melamine) laminate finish is the most economical and a very practical solution for kitchen, laundry or bedroom cabinets.

Vinyl Wrap Doors and Panels are bought in from specialist suppliers and costs reductions only apply in 50mm increments , a Width reduction from, say in the 501-600mm range to 560mm will not benefit from a Door saving, only a saving in Carcass costs - but a width of 550 will attract a saving of $3 or $4 depending on Belmont vs. Byron Bay styling.

Laminate (Melamine) Colour Range

Laminate (or Melamine) is the most economical material due to it's durability, availability, vast choice of colours and low cost.
Melamine is actually a low pressure laminated coating, hence everybody refers to a Melamine door as actually a Laminated door, so to keep with tradition we will do the same.

The Laminate door is 16mm thick door and is pre-coated on both sides in the same colour.
The substrate is a HMR (High Moisture Resistant) material and the Edgings of the Doors are all finished in a 1mm thick PVC Edge -This is far superior to the rational iron-on paper edges as they are not only extremely durable, but don't go brittle over time like their predecessor.
Cleaning is easy with a sponge using warm water liquid cleaners. Harsh cleaning products are not recommended.

See STEP 5: Colour & Profiles > Coloured LAMINATE for the range of standard colours that are available - or choose your preferred colour from a range of suppliers at an additional minimum charge of $150. This charge covers the extra material (coloured melamine plus a roll of matching PVC edging) in small uneconomic quantity and ordering costs.

Since 2011 we now also offer the GLOSS Laminate - a 1mm thick coating on 16mm HMR board in a range of standard pleasing colours and matching Edge tape - manufactured by Formica. It has all the advantages of standard laminate but is in a stunning High Gloss finish - still at a very low cost. See STEP 5 - Colours & Profiles - GLOSS Laminate for details and colour range.

Vinyl Wrap (Thermoformed) Colour Range

Vinyl Wrap (Thermoformed or Vacuum Wrapped) is the most popular material used in Kitchen Doors and Drawers today, due to it's sealed edges, availability, large range of colours and relatively low cost.
A Thermoformed door is actually a Vinyl Wrapped door which has been applied under heat and vacuum, hence everybody refers to a Thermoformed door as actually a Vinyl Wrapped door, so to keep with tradition we will do the same.
The Vinyl Wrapped door is 18mm thick door and is pre-coated on the face side and 4x Edges only in the chosen colour. The rear of this door is standard White Laminate. The substrate is a Craftwood MDF (Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard) material and the Edgings of the Doors are all completely sealed by the Vinyl wrapping around -This gives the door a ‘seamless’ look and also means that you could have a profile finish on the Face and Edge. Most people cannot differentiate between Vinyl and Polyurethane painted doors and panels - but there is a great difference in cost.

Specialist suppliers of Vinyl Wrap doors and panels and modern higher quality materials and glues ensure a lasting long life quality product.

Cleaning is easy with a sponge using warm water liquid cleaners. Harsh cleaning products are not recommended. If this product is damaged, it can not be fixed, it need to be replaced.

Where the 1mm or 2mm edge tape is available we use the 1mm PVC. The 2mm edge adds quite a bit more expense but has a radius edge which is the most impact and chipping resistance.

Our two Vinyl Styles are manufactured using 18 mm MDF (medium density fibreboard) with optional Face Design and Edge profiles routered into the face and /or edges. The component is then covered with a PVC foil which is glued and heat cured under vacuum to one side of the component. The door foil comes in a textured, wood grain, satin or high gloss finish. Panels. Doors and Drawer Fronts if damaged or scratched are not repairable, but can often be replaced with matching colours. The doors are easy to clean and have a 7 year warranty.

For a standard Textured finish see:STEP 5: Colour & Profiles > Vinyl - TEXTURE - BELMONT Style with a choice in Profile, Colour and Finish options.
The more expensive finish would be in a High Gloss Vinyl with recessed panels see: STEP 5: Colour & Profiles > Vinyl - GLOSS - BYRON BAY style

For Vinyls outside the standard range we may have to charge a small additional cost, depending on the Supplier select ed.

2-Pack Polyurethane (Painted) Colour Range

2-Pack Polyurethane (or Painted) is the most desired material for Kitchens today, due to it's beautifully finish, unlimited colour range and sealed edges.
A Painted door is actually a 2-Pack Polyurethane door which has been spray painted, hence everybody refers to a Painted door as actually a 2-Pack Polyurethane door, so to keep with tradition we will do the same.

The 2-Pack Polyurethane door is a 18mm thick door and is pre-coated on the face side and 4x Edges only in the chosen paint colour. The rear of this door is standard White Laminate. The substrate is a MR MDF (Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard) material and the Edgings of the Doors are all completely sealed by the Vinyl paint -This gives the door a ‘seamless’ look and also means that you could have a profile finish on the Edge.
Cleaning is easy with a sponge using warm water liquid cleaners. Harsh cleaning products are not recommended. If this product is damaged, it can filled and re-sprayed back to it’s former glory.

'Painted' components are made from 18mm MDF (medium density fibreboard) with can be routered and profiled as for the Vinyl components with pencil round edges and sprayed with a chemically cured paint and heat dried.

The paint finish can range in gloss levels from matt(10%) , satin (30%), semi gloss (60%) to high gloss (90%). The paint surface is very hard but can chip - but repairs are relatively easy to do. Paints can be matched to resemble aged coatings from Years ago.The high gloss can show marks as does any highly polished surface - and is relatively much more expensive to apply, as many coat may be needed to ensure an even finish.

Semi gloss or satin finishes are now more popular. For colour and Profile options in our ALBANY style range see: STEP 5: Colour & Profiles > Polyurethane painted - TEXTURE - ALBANY style .

For High Gloss colour and profile finishes in our AVOCA style range see: STEP 5: Colour & Profiles > Polyurethane painted - GLOSS - Avoca Style

Unfinished 16 mm MR-MDF Board - with a range of Face and Edge profiles - ready for DIY painting;

Few Flat Pack suppliers offer raw 16 mm thick Moisture Resistant - Medium Density Board for Doors, Drawer-fronts and/or Panels/Fillers/Kickboards in a choice of Face and Edge profiles. This allows the customers to do their own painting - which is not difficult, either with brush or spray-paint - but takes some time in sanding, priming, sanding, undercoat, sanding. top-coat and some more sanding/painting to get a beautifully High Gloss finish to astound the family - but saving a great deal of money.

Cabinets on-demand on-line does offer most cabinets models with this 'Style' of finish at very low cost.

Solid Timber

The traditional style for doors and drawer fronts which are now very expensive - but the material is hard wearing and can be repaired if damaged by re sanding and re-lacquering or painting. The cost of a door 750mm x 500mm is over $250 depending on the type timber used. Matching panels for these doors are generally made in a matching veneer as the large flat pieces of timber are not available or tend to warp. Cabinets on-Demand on-Line can quote for the supply flat pack Solid Timber doors once you have detailed your specific needs.

The Table below shows the cost variation for various material and Finish options using an "average kitchen" finished in Antique White Vinyl wrap (matt or satin finish) with plain beveled edge face design. (This type of finish is currently the most popular)

The cost of Kitchen cabinets varies according to the materials, finishes, colours and profiles chosen for doors, drawer fronts and covering panels.

When ordering Doors as individual items please check whether Hinge hole cutting to your specifications is required.

The Table below shows the possible cumulative effect on a Kitchen cost.

Approximate Cost variations from a "standard solid colour Vinyl Wrapped" kitchen
Material Finish Cost variation
Melamine Standard Solid Colour or Wood grain - 1200
GLOSS Melamine High Gloss Colour or Wood grain - 500
Unfinished 18mm MR-MDF Profiled surface and edges - 400
Vinyl Wrap Textured, flat surface "benchmark"
  Textured , Face + Edge profiled + 200
Textured , Recessed panel + Edge profiled + 600
High Gloss , Recessed panel + Edge profiled + 1300
Painted, 2-pk Polyurethane Matt, flat surface + 800
Matt , Face + Edge profiled + 950
Matt , Recessed panel + Edge profiled + 1200
High Gloss , Recessed panel + Edge profiled + 3000
Solid Wood With Face and Edge profiles + 5000+

If you want to check pricing for comparison with other offerings such as from IKEA, Bunnnings, Magnet Mart or a few others then it is recommended to select all - or at least a good representative sample - cabinets that meet your needs from the menu in the Left Hand Column - using the LAMINATE Style as a lowest cost - or the AVOCA Style (2-pk Polyurethane painted High Gloss) as the higher cost and top quality.

The Shopping List that you thus develop will be listed under "Viewcart" - then apply Discounts and Delivery Cost to get a very close estimate of the lowest TOTAL Cost.

Then with "ONE CLICK of your mouse" on one of the Option Buttons on the Viewcart List change to the TOTAL Cost for the BELMONT-, BYRON BAY-, ALBANY- or AVOCA-Style - thus easily giving you price alternatives to match with your budget. No other Kitchen Web site provides this type of service.

Print the "Product - Comparison" Check list - to compare with what is obtainable elsewhere - then make your decision as to which firm best meets your needs.

NOTE: Discounts of up to 10% apply for orders in excess of $1200.

Cabinets on-Demand on-Line offer a low cost ($69) Assistance with your Kitchen Specification- please E-mail: , state your needs and attach your plan or sketch.

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