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Installation Manual for Flat Pack Cabinet assembly.

Last updated 2nd April, 2019

The web site for Cabinets on-Demand on-Line and its sibling OZ Flat Pack are one of the best quality flatpack on-line buying web sites on the market to facillitate the rather complex operation of specifying and ordering self assembly cabinets and the only one where you have a large amount of flexibility to ensure all units fit within your space and size requirements. Serious consideration should be given to those features before buying your flat pack. Please Note that is a more modern looking version but its manufacturing facilities are the same as for orders places through

Here we combine the best facilities of both web sites with regards to Assembly of the cabinetry.

Please click here. Installation Manual for Flat Pack Cabinet assembly:

1. READ THE MANUAL and make a clear area to work in and have the correct tools on hand. A helper is very useful and cuts the job time significantly. If it is a friend or family it will make the job fun.

2. Each individual cabinet should be separated in your work area, with a few exceptions.

3. Unpack and assemble the units one at a time, complete with drawer runners and hinge plates where necessary and place in position as marked in the Manual. Check that all Labeled components are present in your work area.

4. FOLLOW the Assembly Guide - it should take no more than 20 min for an average Floor cabinet if you have a powered screwdriver. Assemble all Floor cabinets and place them in accordance with your Floor Plan.

5. Level all the floor cabinets by adjusting the legs. Ensure that the largest space between the floor and the bottom of the cupboards is no more than the kickboard height ( 150mm is a good average).

6. If necessary, join cabinets together and attach side panels where specified using the cabinet joiners or 28mm screws. Using longer screws can penetrate the other side of the board and leave an ugly hole exposed. (can be covered with a screw cap)

7. If a laminate splash back is to be glued to the wall, do this before fixing the bench top or positioning the top units.

8. Fix and seal bench top joints and attach to floor units using 35mm chipboard screws.

9. Mark a line on the wall at your preferred height (approx. 600mm) above the laminate bench top for the position of the wall units. Use a spirit level to ensure a horizontal line.

10. get some assistance and fix the wall units to wall. Use a 5mm masonry bit to drill through the back and into the masonry. For hollow walls you need to screw into the studs or use hollow wall anchors, which can be purchased separately.

11. For installation of the Sink and Cook top mark the outline by placing sink or cook top upside down on the bench top and mark the outline. Remove the sink or cook top and mark a line 15mm inside the outline. Drill a 10mm hole inside this line and using a Jigsaw cut out the bench top on the inside line. Use the seals or silicone when fitting the sink or cook top in this space.

12. Cut to size and clip on the kickboards to the Plastic Adjustable Legs (scribe to the floor if necessary). Use silicone to attach the side kickboards.

14. Hang doors and drawer fronts and fit the handles.

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