Help - getting started


You select products from a list (see Left hand column), supply answers to some Prompts, and that product is priced and placed in a (virtual) Shopping Cart, each time you add a product all previous products in the Shopping Cart are listed and anyone can be Edited or Removed.

When you are done, you go to a (virtual) Checkout where the list is validated and then you are prompted for Name & Address, Delivery Details and Payment options (no payment up front is needed) - then the data is sent to a Secure server (like a Banking system).

All data is stored on your PC for up-to 60 days, and can be updated as required - prior to submission to the Server - so all is stored in complete privacy.

With this system there is no need for Pre-Registration or for Passwords.

You can get started straight away to get pricing for individual products by clicking in the Left Hand Column and then filling in the Prompts with values for Height, Width and Depth, select a few other details - then on clicking the GET PRICE button - a price is calculated based on the values supplied.

The Product Details are stored on your PC only, in complete privacy and if Submitted, is a Request for Quotation (RFQ) only, no money up-front, no commitment made. Our Production Manager will review your specifications and will then be in contact with you for any suggested amendments and will suggest a deposit to be paid. Only then do you have to make a commitment - or deferred.

Many helpful prompts and suggestions are built-in

When you enter your product specific values the system will perform many inbuilt checks and validations to alert you to possible mistakes or oversights. When you are finished there is a comprehensive validation performed (by clicking on a Prompt) on all specifications - to look for possible overlooked items (e.g. Kick boards and End-panels) Discounts to be applied etc.

Ability to Re-price

Your initial Shopping List can be re-priced with just two Clicks. Say you initially priced your products in basic Laminate for Doors, Panels etc. - then you can re-price the lot for GLOSS Laminate, Gloss Vinyl or Gloss painted Doors and/or Panels - each option taking just two clicks. This makes it easy to consider different quality finishes and to fit an eventual purchase to your budget.

No pressure, no worries

As mentioned earlier you do not need to make any commitments if you decide to Submit the Quote you have developed.

Your data is stored as a "Cookie" on the PC you have used, for 60 days since last amendment - giving you ample scope to consider and compare with other offers.

Multiple Quotes.

You can set up multiple Quotes on your PC for different situations - by providing a unique name for each Quote and entering selected products for each.