Why Choose us?

Four manufacturing outlets - allowing for easy Pick-up or low home delivery costs.

High quality cabinets, for the Kit Form range.

Low cost quality production.

All our cabinet prices are proportional to size - we do not charge extra to cut down a 'standard size'.

A slightly larger size in either Height, Width or Depth only incurs a proportional small increase in material costs.

Standard sized cabinets as well as custom made to YOUR Measure cabinets at no extra cost.

Production methods that conform completely with Australian Standards as promulgated by the HIA, both for Standard sized cabinets and for the customised dimensions that you can specify.

Many options include: variable number of shelves, from 0 - 9, Fixed or Adjustable, flush with door or inset for greater ease of access.

Our Board Products meet the specification of Australian Environmental Labeling Association (AELA 28 ) Furniture and Fittings.

Only the best Australian Boards are used, with European Hardware (Hettich) and metal Sides Drawers - products are GUARANTEED for ten years.

Find it difficult to get a Joiner make a single Custom sized cabinet? No worries: our distributors supply single cabinets as readily as complete kitchens.

Are you hesitant about self-assembly? No worries, its Easy: using our INDIVIDUALLY Labeled components and detailed CD-based Assembly Manual. If you can use a screwdriver then you should find not problem fitting the components into beautiful custom designed cabinets.

Easy Installation: as all cabinetry is of high quality sturdy construction to Australian Standards with adjustable shelving, hinges and adjustable legs ( floor based units) and 16mm thick back panels for easy screwing to the wall;
cabinets fit exactly to your dimensions so there is no need for finicky fillers - five years guarantee on woodwork and ten years on hinges.

This is what some of our customers reported to Rod Tyson, our Production Manager:

Hi Rod,
Just a note to thank you.
The kits were perfect.
My brother and I assembled and installed the kitchen and laundry in a day and a half and they look great.
The thing that impressed us most were how easy it was to adjust the doors and drawers.

Richard Thompson


Dear Cabinets on-Demand,
We are very happy with our cabinets; by the way, they fit perfectly and were no trouble to assemble. My wife is thrilled with her new kitchen -
the first brand new kitchen she has ever had... But all went together very smoothly and the result is just as good as we had hoped.
Thanks again,

R Dempsey – Bunyan NSW

For more Customer experiences see: TESTIMONIALS

What makes us No:1 is that we make cabinets to suit YOUR exact sizes in each price range at no extra cost, with detailed complete On-line pricing
-AND....we have more cabinet types, more choices in finish styles and more customizing functionality than available in any other on-line ordering system -
from low-cost kitchens or single cabinets for the budget restrained home renovator using Laminate finish to high quality 2-pk Polyurethane Gloss painted cabinetry for the weekend warrior and professional installer alike.

When considering alternative Styles or Designs - please have a look at: Cost Considerations"

When comparing with other offerings, make sure that apples are apples - see Check List"

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