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Packing, Transportation and Delivery Costs

Apart from providing a large and unique range of kitchen and other household cabinets in a range of customisable sizes to suit potential customers we also offer a unique range of Pickup or Delivery options to ensure a lowest TOTAL cost of flat pack cabinets made available on your doorstep.

Currently we have four options for deliveries:

  1. Customer pickup from factory;
  2. Customer organised long-haul freighting;
  3. Local factory delivery;
  4. Long haul delivery organised by factory - probable cost are pre-estimated - and quoted after negotiation with likely carrier.

These options can be selected under STEP 7: Delivery as shown in the Left Hand Menu column under "Product Categories".

1. Customer pickup ex-factory

The components will be supplied loose, stacked on a trolley/s for easy transfer and loading into your own vehicle. You will be given notice by email when the goods are ready for pickup and final payment is required prior to the goods leaving the factory. For cheque based payments please allow five days for bank clearance to be obtained.


A variation on this option is for Pick-up from one of our 75+ DEPOTS for items shipped from a factory OUTLET to a nominated DEPOT in your area. This provides for a very economical solution. You can collect your box of components, or if it is too large, unpack at the depot or arrange with them to ship it to your home.


2. Customer organises freighting

You will be organising your own Freight Company (at your expense) to freight the job to you.
Your Factory Outlet will box and pack your job ready to be on-freighted, and you will be notified when this is ready, including the final freight size and estimated total weight.

3. Local Delivery

Local Deliveries within a radius of 50 km round trip from a OUTLET work out at about $10-12 per standard cabinet - the actual cost is based on weight as calculated from your Order; this cost will be shown on your Order prior to any Order being processed - a minimum charge of $70 plus GST applies.


4. Intra or Interstate Delivery

The factory will arrange Shipping and Insurance and negotiate the best possible price for agreement by the customer - once an order has been validated. Our on-line ordering system will calculate a close estimate of the likely charges to help you with your budgeting.


Cost Calculation

Probable shipping costs are calculated in the on-line system based on your Order's weight and maximum sizing. You can choose a "Delivery option" at any time during the process of selecting cabinets to see how you are faring - but then please "REMOVE" the Delivery Order line if you are adding additional products.

You will be advised and asked to approve Delivery Cost and any limiting details (see below) prior to the Order being processed when actual quotations are obtained from a prospective carrier. Please note that most carriers charge extra for unusual large sized parcels, for example Bench tops exceeding 2400mm in length (including packing). We will add $55 to the estimated Delivery charge to cover those anticipated costs.

Sometimes we may be able to arrange a lower cost than calculated by the system - alternatively you, the customer may be able to arrange a better deal.

The cost calculation in our system provides a reasonable approximation for any of the major towns. It is not possible to give an absolute reliable cost estimate for delivery costs in advance - there are too many variables:

Number of Cabinets and their weight.
Size of some of the components. - (package sizes under 2000mm are not normally a problem, 
those over 2400mm are difficult to off-load unless local forklifts are available; an additional cost of about $550 may be charged).
Local or Interstate delivery - (competition, choice of carriers, ease of packing).
Number of Transshipments involved - (each increases the cost (AND possibility of damage).
Main route or far removed - (there are very large cost differences when comparing shipment to main centers with those to places off the main transport routes - competition works to keep prices down!).
"Weekly" changes in freight cost depending on Fuel charges.


The components will be packed into a box(s) ready for the freight company to pickup from the factory. After pick-up from the factory, the box may pass through several different depots and sometimes are dispatched to other, local carriers. For this reason the packing of the product needs to be in a box, to reduce the risk of possible courier damage. We try to use only 1 box, as this reduces the chance of the courier only supplying part of the order.

If the package is small enough, then it will be bundled and wrapped & shipped as a normal parcel, but given that an average base cabinet weight is around 42kg, this does not happen often. It iss not uncommon for a flat-pack kitchen to weight between 800Kg and just under a tonne. The box itself will weigh between 40 - 80 kg depending on the total Order size.

Below is an example of a flat pack kitchen, ready for dispatch:

Actual Delivery

The flat pack comes in one large box and can weight anywhere from 300kg to 1 tonne, depending upon size of the order. In a few cases, the transport companies are unable to deliver the flat-pack box right to your actual home address.

This is because some of the trucks are pantechs or curtain siders and they do not have a rear tail-lift, or a hand fork lift (to move the box from inside the truck to tail lift), or the box is too big to fit normally in the rear of the local delivery truck (over 2000mm in length with an absolute maximum of 2400mm, or the box weights over a tonne. Also there is some reluctance to deliver to an Apartment Building Unit for obvious reasons.

What happens in this case is that the job will be delivered to their closest depot to your home address and from there you will need to organise your own means of transport to get the create to your home. Many customers either use their trailer or borrow a friends ute and pick it up from there. The freight company will then fork lift the box into your awaiting trailer/ute and you can then get it home for there and un-load it at your leisure. A typical kitchen has 300+ individually stacked parts, plus the hardware, quite a number of individual items

Many customers opt to have the box delivered to their work address (so long as there is a fork lift available). From there they can ‘strip’ the box at their leisure and transport the parts home, or use a work vehicle, their own trailer, etc to get the job home.

When the box arrives, you will need a battery drill to remove the screws that attach the top to the rest of the box, then manually unload the flat pack items. 

Important Note

Your job will be packaged as best as we can at our end. The box will be supplied undamaged from the factory and the Transport driver will see this as it is loaded onto the truck. If the truck driver notices any damage on the shipment packaging, they will not accept it (as they may be held liable when it reaches the other end). A good way to tell if goods have been mishandled is by looking at the package when it arrives, to check for any external damage.

Should you wish to organise your own freight transport company, you are more than welcome to, just remember to allow for some freight insurance as they could damage it in transit.

For an example of our comprehensive Notification see: SHIPPING NOTE